AUSKING is a dedicated and experienced education and migration consultancy which aims to provide informed and reliable counseling to assist International students in making the preeminent choices to achieve their educational and career objectives.

We offers you a one-stop shop, the perfect answer to all your questions connected with Australia, migration, travel and even the Professional Year Program run by Australian authorities.

We also believe that our students deserve to be educated by only those institutions that deliver Educational Excellence & Service Standards. Our mission is to offer the best services to both education institutions & students in a professional and ethical manner.

Our focus is on recruiting students globally and providing comprehensive services to support their study in Australia.

Our Vision

      We believe with our heart and soul in Australian Education System and we are extremely proud to represent Australian Institutions. With this belief, we think the students completing their studies in these institutions can achieve their career goal in the competitive global market.

      We visualize the world as ONE and if those career steps are taken wisely, one can also view the world without any limitation of boarders and boundaries.